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September 2022

Hello! I'm back! Bet you didn't notice I was gone - because proper adults don't slavishly follow each other's footprint on social media wondering why their own lives are so unphotogenic and mundane. Or so I've heard. 

Anyway, should you have missed me and be interested, I've been off learning how to make things and mend things. I went to the fabulous Chippendale Furniture School (@chippendaleschool) to learn how to make this washstand. I made some other stuff too, but this one takes the best photo. It's Olive Ash, a glorious grain, pale on the outside with a contrasting dark heart (is it a metaphor??)

The thing I learned how to mend is my courage, which I didn't even know was broken. But courage is a muscle, and with physio and strengthening exercises I'm building it back up to full throttle Seize-The-Day power levels. I'm doing this with my newfound woodworking skills and with the support of my good friends @thehareinwinter who looked after my shop while I was away... On which subject, more to follow! Watch this space! (Though not literally - on current form I may be gone some time.)



August 2022

How pretty are these??? Functionally designed for clothes pegs, not merely to look lovely in the garden (though they do that too). Handcrafted by talented @greenpinnies using upcycled, recycled, hot-wash-cycled fabrics. Wonderful colour combos, beautiful needlework... laundry just got glam. These actual beauties are now available in the cookshop, or - go wilder! - commission your own from Susan at

April 2022   
One of the easiest questions anyone can ask me is: "Fancy a free pan to try at home?" I'm sure of my ground on this one, I don't need to vacillate, hesitate or demur. Yes of course I fancy a free pan to try at home. I am a pan geek by profession and nature.

So, lovely Sue from Blake & Bull (@blakeandbull) very kindly sent me this thrillingly wonderful Woll Eco Lite saute pan to put through its paces over the weekend. Coincidentally it was Mother's Day, ie the Sunday specially earmarked for mothers to spend the day cooking for their offspring. Accordingly, I spent the day cooking for my offspring using my new pan: baked sausages, then cheese scones, then cinnamon streusel cake.

Here's what I found out about Woll Eco Lite: it's German through and through. It lives up to its early promise of extraordinary thermal efficiency, functional design and structural integrity, made from 100% recycled aluminium (upwards of 60 empty pilsner tins per pan). It's got a non-wobbly removable handle (50% wood flour, a forestry byproduct) for safely getting it in the oven, or, say, playing ping-pong without slippage. It's got an eco-friendly hard-wearing, heat-carrying Saphir coating, which twinkles prettily in the light but more importantly stays on the pan instead of peeling off into your dinner and loading your intestines with hellish toxins. Furthermore, it is non-stick so non-sticky you just waft it in the direction of the sink to wash it up. (Or bung it in the dishwasher if you must.)

As they say at Woll: "leicht gebaut, schwer beeindruckend". Nope, me neither. But I do know that if you're a pan fancier, this is one to watch.
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