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Now open at 14 Bridge Street, Cook+Live+Dream is an established cookshop (The Cookcraft Kitchen Shop) with a shiny new upwards-and-onwards direction (Silvertreehouse). We've hopped one door along Bridge Street (to the right!), and are now expanding into "lifestyle" by embracing happiness in the home.


The cookshop has always had a strong emphasis on functionality, quality and relevance to your kitchen and your cooking. Provenance, appropriateness and craftsmanship are important to us, and we've always tried to source from country of origin, and region of excellence - from suppliers who know deep in their psyches what they're making, why they're making it and - importantly - who they're making it for. 


With our new "living" ranges we're trying to keep to that same ethos - this is where we live, this is who we are, this is our environment. Though we can absorb many influences, we can't change the landscape around us, or the seasons that shape it. Why try? There is such great stuff, great natural materials, resources and craftsmanship here on our doorstep, we should dive in and celebrate it.


Thus, a lot of our products are inspired by the North Northumberland and Scottish Borders landscape, and the people (and animals) that live, work, eat, sleep and gaze at the stars here. But our doorstep is wide and generous. It also includes neighbours from Kent to Cumbria, Aberdeen to Abergavenny, Cornwall to Cornhill. Or even Gdanzk to Glasgow, Bruges to Boston, Lisbon to Luxembourg... If something is skilfully made by talented craftspeople from natural materials and with an eye to the environment; above all, if it makes you smile, your heart lift, your skin tingle and your eyes sparkle, then it has a place in our shop.



14 Bridge Street

Berwick upon Tweed

TD15 1AQ


01289 305444




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