Stop and stare... at unexpected lovelinesses 

Sometimes the light comes skittering through the window, finds a natural prism, and dances itself into joyous rainbows across the walls. Or a jar of wooden utensils throws a spiky dinosaur shadow to the floor. Or a random juxtaposition of shapes, colours, textures evokes a memory, suggests another world in another time. I'm often startled by these unexpected lovelinesses. It's easy to find ourselves too busy or too introspective to stop and stare and allow our brains to slow to a halt. If my shop gives a few moments of calming visual distraction from the hurly burly, I figure I'm doing my job properly. 



Here is our lovely snuggle corner opposite the wood burning stove. We've filled it with scented soaps, colourful candles and soft, squidgy cushions from The Hare in Winter and Romney Marsh Wools. Flick the Dog, painted by Jennifer Mole, is a startlingly realistic likeness - but fortunately not to the point of shedding hairs all over the upholstery.

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